About Strategic Optimisation Summits™ (SOS)

The Strategic Optimisation Summits™ (“SOS“) occur quarterly on the 21st March, 21st June, 21st September and 21st December. They provide a safe sovereign space or forum in which participants are able to carry out Venture Visioning™, Strategic Planning™, Opportunity Audits™, to review and create new partnerships and in general to optimise their priorities and focus.

The Strategic Optimisation Summits™ takes place within the Sharing OUR Solutions™ showcases which occur two weeks before and two weeks after the 21st March, 21st June, 21st September and 21st December every year.

Note: Our summits have been running through our partners for many decades and in particular as Strategic Optimisation Summits™ since 1977. Up until recently the summits have been only available to privately invited partners and it is only in recent years that we are now making them available more readily to the public for prospective partners to apply to attend.

Attending SOS

Content presented at SOS is subject to your agreement to all applicable membership agreements. You are encouraged to look after your well being in advance and during the SOS events, and to follow all appropriate advice from your medical professionals. You also acknowledge and understand that you are to act with integrity towards all participants, presenters, partners and hosts at all times, and that you are personally responsible for all aspects of your participation and the consequences from action and in-action on your part.

Photographs and/or video taken at SOS by SOS, or others on behalf of SOS, may include your image or likeness. You agree that SOS may use such photographs and/or video for any purpose without compensation to you.

Any pre-release products, software, technologies or resources provided to you during SOS is subject to your applicable membership agreements.

SOS reserves the right to refuse admittance to, or remove any person from, SOS (including from any SOS events) at any time in its sole discretion, including but not limited to attendees behaving in a disorderly manner or failing to comply with these terms and conditions or instructions provided orally or in writing by SOS.

Attending V.I.P. Events

You must be a current eligible V.I.P. approved member in good standing with a valid M.A.P.S. to attend the Strategic Optimisation Summits™, briefings and special events — guests are not permitted. Please make sure to bring current government-issued or equivalent photo identification to events. All attendees are fully liable for any incremental costs they incur, and are subject to the full terms and conditions of participation in the membership as explained on initial registration.

Registration and Building Hours

For up to date details on M.A.P.S. availability please contact your referring partner or membership manager in the first instance.


Due to the nature of events there are no complimentary M.A.P.S. available for any members of the press under any circumstances. Members of the press are eligible to apply for membership and attendance in their own rights as individuals on the proviso they agree to the terms and conditions and rules that apply to all attending members.

Presentation Videos / Replays

If you can not attend some or all of the Strategic Optimisation Summits™ due to the nature of the participants and material covered we regret that we are unable to provide full replays, transcripts or other recordings.


If you have any questions about SOS that are not addressed here please contact us using the current details listed on the site or through your referring partner.

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